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When you want to start or expand a business, sometimes it isn’t the strength of your idea but rather the power of your pocketbook that can make the difference.

Fortunately, OBL Financial Services, Inc. has been working with business owners, in both established and start-up companies, for nearly 40 years providing that link between daydreaming and getting it done!

Through long-standing and established relationships with lenders across the community and across the country, OBL Financial Services, Inc. provides borrowers the convenience of processing collected information through lenders best matched to meet the needs of any specific borrower.

Captive finance companies may be willing to finance the purchase of new equipment they manufacture, but many entrepreneurs have been stopped in their tracks when they hear the conditions. With dealer-arranged financing, Dealers can tout this “one-stop” style of shopping, to some equipment buyers, simply based on the convenience of the transaction. That is, the buyer fills out one form and lets the dealer receive multiple quotes.

But does this get you the best deal, or simply make that dealer the most money?

For nearly 40 years, our relationships have been conducted utilizing ethical business practices which are based on trust.  Allow us the opportunity to earn your business and prove that “If you haven’t checked with OBL Financial Services, Inc., your deal isn’t done”.

We pride ourselves with helping guide customers through difficult purchases. As an example, if credit conditions are not ideal, we will help “present a case” so that a lender makes a decision based on the real story of a real person, and not just their credit score.

So, for business decisions that start out with determining access to financing, let OBL Financial Services, Inc. be your go-to source. We can help in so many more ways than just having you fill out an application.