Are you an equipment manufacturer looking to provide leasing and financing as a marketing tool, profit center with no fixed overhead, source of working capital, or as a tax shelter?

OBL Financial Services, Inc. specializes in partnering with manufacturers to customize and manage a complete leasing and financing solution. OBL’s comprehensive leasing program is more than financing an individual sale, it’s a process designed to make a shared profit for both your company and OBL, offer your customer a one-stop solution for both purchasing equipment and paying for it, and finally, keeping and retaining a customer for life.

Upon completion of the lease term, you have a built-in repeat sale.  The lease can be structured so the equipment is returned to your factory at a pre-determined sale price that you set where it can be refurbished and sold again as a used unit.  The goal of the leasing program is to maintain customer loyalty, freeze out competitors, and create a future sale.  Built in progress payments can help your working capital needs throughout your manufacturing process.  If your customer prefers ownership of the equipment and is just looking for financing assistance, OBL will provide that service as well.

OBL’s past experience in managing similar programs includes an 18-year relationship with one of America’s largest material handling manufacturers of lift trucks built entirely in the USA, and with a manufacturer of forestry and scrap handling equipment as well as rough terrain material handling equipment.  Past lease customers range from large multi-national corporations to small family-owned businesses.

If this type of financing solution is of interest to you, please let us know and we can evaluate the different program options in greater detail.

OBL Financial Services Manufacturer Programs