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OBL Financial Services, Inc. is privileged to have been able to help finance an Owner Operator who is actively supporting Breast Cancer Awareness every mile he travels around the United States.

Load Covering Solutions (LCS) referred Wing And A Prayer to OBL for obtaining funding of a rolling tarp system. While working together, Owner Operator Greg, and Nancy from OBL, decided the best course of action was for Greg to refinance his trailer from his current bank, and combine that with financing of the new rolling tarp system. This arrangement provided Greg with one monthly payment that is about $300 less per month than keeping the payments separate.

OBL is proud to have played a part in helping Wing And A Prayer continue to spread their message of Breast Cancer Awareness across the country.

Here is the letter received from Load Covering Solutions:

Load Covering Solutions is Proud to have had the privilege of delivering a Windmaster SMARTLOOK AERODYNAMIC ROLL TOP system to Greg Tucker at his Nashville TN location in December 2017. Greg Tucker is Owner Operator of “Wing And A Prayer” from Ocala, Florida and chose Breast Cancer Awareness as a great cause he wanted to promote as he drives across the USA Interstates. With no ties to Breast Cancer in his family or close friends, Greg is one of those remarkable individuals who decided to decorate his truck and trailer in support of women across America that battle this deadly disease.

Greg, who is a flatbed hauler of mostly lumber loads, simply got tired of manual tarping. After seeing Load Covering Solutions (LCS) newest model of rolling tarp systems, and one that promotes 9.98 % CFD tested wind drag reduction, Greg made the call to the owner, of 40 years, Brian Petelka. “Many of our customers are now taking full advantage of promoting their message over the road with the assistance of high resolution digital print advertising.”

With the advanced technology of printing on industrial fabrics, Greg decided now was the perfect timing to do something about supporting Breast Cancer Awareness while lightening the burden of manual tarping. LCS & Company are very proud to have been part of this amazing promotion in support of beating Breast Cancer.

Thank You Greg for your commitment & support of women everywhere!

Best Regards,

Brian W. Petelka I President

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