OBL Blog Article Covering Credit Bases
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Technology changed the way small and medium sized businesses obtain equipment financing and working capital loans:

As banks moved away from lending to most of these business customers, alternative sources came in to fill the void.  Many of these companies use complex credit scoring models to turn applications into fast approvals.  While this is great for the small percentage of businesses that qualify, what happens to those who don’t?

OBL Financial Services, Inc. is your full service solution.

While OBL has access to lenders offering these quick turnaround programs, we also understand that your business is more than a credit score, it is your livelihood. We’ll take the time to talk with you, understand your business needs, and learn how new equipment can help your business grow.  We will gather all the necessary paperwork and match you up with the best lender who meets your circumstances.

That personal touch, along with the ability to gather required information, is something that a computer and customer service person on the other end of an 800 number can’t do. OBL has been doing this for 35+ years and our professionals have the knowledge and experience to handle your transaction from start to finish.